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The Glory of His Story ( The Advent - Part 2)

The Avatars Life is His Message

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"I am Divine.. But so are you!" This is a statement that probably describes Bhagawan Baba's life better than most other gems that He has given us. The first half enunciates His life of leelas, miracles and profound acts, while the latter, His message. When He implores us to believe that we are Divine He also exhorts us to live our lives like Divine Beings. He instructs us to embody compassion and express empathy, embrace sacrifice and serve humanity. And these are the very qualities that His life typifies. Bhagawan's mammoth social welfare projects, be it water to millions (the largest water project by any NGO ever) or state-of-the-art, free, tertiary medical care for the poor (considered modern-day living miracles by people in the field), were expressions of His compassion to the receivers of the benefits and to those who were involved as instruments.

This documentary explores this highly significant aspect of Bhagwan Baba's life. It shall take you through the history of these projects to reveal how the Divine Sankalpa unravelled prodigiously; the logistics to highlight the magnitude of the divine magnanimity and heart warming testimonials of those who were stunned, moved, humbled, touched and transformed. This is the second part of the series, 'His Story'. In the first part, 'The Advent', we journeyed through the miraculous early years. In this part too we witness the miraculous, but of a different kind!

Duration: 95 minutes

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