Genre : Devotional

Bhagawan Baba, our dear Swami, stresses on the magical effect on group singing in making Divinity descent upon a gathering. In fact, Lord vishnu responded to Sage Narada when asked about his permanent residence thus- "Wherever My devotee sings My glory, I install Myself there". If it is your desire to experience the thrill and thrall of a bhajan session in Swami's presence, this one is just for you!

Here is a near-perfect simulation of a bhajan session in he divine presence where all you have to do is to just 'sing along'. Starting from the Aumkaram, the journey through a plethora of bhajans till the Arati. And as you do so, enjoy enchanting, rare footage of Swami keeping the rhythm to the bhajans being sung. Some of the footage included, date back to the early 1980s as well.

This is the third volume in a unique video-audio series that has been edited and mastered with extreme care so that you can recreate a complete, high-quality bhajan experience in your homes and Sai Centers. 

Duration: 56 minutes

No of Video Bhajans : 12

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