The Advent  


Genre : Devotional

If it is your desire to experience a bhajan session in the presence of Bhagawan Baba, this is the closet you can get! Following the thumping success of the first volume, this second volume of Sing Along comes with more bhajans and more wonderful visuals. Starting with the Omkaaram and going through 11 bhajans till the Arati, this session offers visuals of Swami enjoying bhajans in Brindavan, Prashanthi Nilayam and Kodaikanal too. Sit back, enjoying the darshan, sing along the bhajans and lose yourself in Divine joy!

This is a unique video-audio that has been edited and mastered with extreme care so that you can recreate a complete, high-quality bhajan experience in your own homes and Centres.

A 6-minutes Veda chanting in the Divine presence is an added bonus in this DVD.

Duration: 52 minutes

No of Video Bhajans : 13

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1. Vedam
2. Jaya Shri Ganesha
3. Karuna Niketana
4. Dattatreya Sadguru Deva
5. Mahadeva Maheshwara
6. Mathuranatha Gopala
7. Hey Sai Ranga Hey Panduranga
8. Hum Sab Milkar Mangala Gaye
9. Tum Ho Anath Nath Bhagawan
10. Jagadodharini Mata Durga
11. Deena Bandhu Vitthala Jai
12. Pavana Suta Hanuman Ki Jai
13. Mangala Arati



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