The Advent  

Premapravaham -  The Ceaseless flow of Love
(DVD Video)

Language : Hindi/Telugu
Genre : Devotional

" Aeons ago, The Ramayana, the glorious story of Lord Rama was popularized among the people by His own children - Lava and Kusa. Composed in poetry form and in different parts, the songs sung by the brothers have become immortal today.

For the Sathya Sai Avatar too, the glory of His Story was rendered by His children on the grand occasion of the 85th Birthday. Composed in poetry form on the different aspects of the Avatar, these songs were aptly and beautifully portrayed through Videos collated from the earlier days.

Sit back and witness the grandeur and glory of the Sathya Sai Avatar in this Audio-Visual delight - Prema Pravaham (the ceaseless flow of Love ).

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