Note: The first batch of the product, ‘Prarthana’, was produced in 2013. After the release, certain serious errors in the audio came to our notice. The product was withdrawn from sales immediately. The corrected version was released in 2015. We hereby request those who have purchased the CD in 2013 to bring the CD to the Sai Blossom store and collect the newer, corrected version in exchange. (Those who bought the product after 2015 do not have to worry, what you have purchased is the right version of the CD). We sincerely apologise for the mistake and thank you for your kind understanding.
    The Advent  

Prarthana - Daily Prayers to Sai
Audio CD

Language : Hindi/Sanskrit
Genre : Devotional/Chants

“Prayer is a dialogue with God.”
“Prayer is the Longing of the Soul.”
“Prayer is man’s only strength and God’s only weakness.”
“Prayer is Friendship with God.”

This Audio CD brings to you the common daily prayers that are universally chanted in Sathya Sai Schools, Sathya Sai Centers and the other Sathya Sai gatherings.

Duration: 27 minutes

No Of Songs : 10

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1. Omkaram
2. Sai Suprabhatam
3. Sai Ashtotharam
4. Gayatri Mantram
5. Sai Gayatri Mantram
6. Sarva Dharma Prayer
7. Asatoma Sad Gamaya
8. Brahmarpanam (Food Prayer)
9. Kara Charana Krutam Vaak (Night Prayer)
10. Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu


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