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Bhavanjali : Cosmic Connections  -  Part  03
Audio CD

Language : Hindi/Sanskrit
Genre : Devotional

A set of 9 bhajans in the voices of South Indian playback singers - Tippu and Harini. This couple have something deeper than music that binds them as husband and wife - love for Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. With devotion and melodious voices, they have offered this garland of nine bhajans to Swami. Entitled as Cosmic Connections, this volume of Bhavanjali brings newly composed bhajans extolling the cosmic grandeur of God.

Duration: 35 minutes

No Of Songs : 9

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A Medley of soulful Sai Bhajans

1. Ganesha
- Tipu
2. Dakhina Moorthim         
- Harini
3. Shankara Abhayankar 
- Tipu
4. Jaya Jaya Janani Saieshwari
- Harini
5. Sai Rama Sai Krishna
- Tipu
6. Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey Madhusudhana
- Harini
7. Ram Bhajo Raheema Bhajo
- Tipu
8. Sundara Sundara Sai Sundara
- Harini
9. Parthi Mera Pandarapur
- Tipu



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