Waves of Bliss  

Waves of Bliss

Based on Sai Bhajans
Audio CD

Genre : Instrumentals

Baba says if you think your prayer is solid and intense, interlace it with music and it will now become superly powerful and indomitable to draw the grace of the Divine. And what better way to musically say a prayer to the Lord than the medium of Sai bhajans!

The ocean of bliss that is Sai bhajans welcomes and subsumes in it all forms and styles, grades and genres of music. That is perhaps one of the reasons why Sai bhajans today is as universal as Sai Himself. From California to Canberra, a musically illiterate to a master of music, a toddler to a grandfather – everyone relishes Sai bhajans.

Therefore taking these compositions as the basis, here are prayerful innovations and devotional re-creations which are musically satisfying as well as soul stirring.

Duration: 42 mins.

No Of Bhajans : 9

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Sample Audio



1. Jubilant Celebration of Ganesha (Based on Jai Ganaraya)
2. Mystical Glory of The Name (Based on Govinda Bolo Gopala Bolo)
3. At the Feet of Sri Rama (Based on Bhajare Ram Charan)
4. Sublime Grandeur of The Guru (Based on Guru Mahima Gao)
5. Elevating Majesty of Shiva (Based on Om Namah Shivaya)
6. Riveting Charisma of The One (Based on Buddha Mahavira Yeshu Sai)
7. Symphonic Pull of Krishna (Based on Giridhara Govinda Gopala)
8. Mesmerising Call of Allah (Based on Allah Ho Akbar)
9. Lilting Bond of Divine Love (Based on Humko Tumse Pyar Kitna)





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