Uncle Lions Tales (Cartoons with a message for children - 01)

Uncle Lions Tales

Cartoons with a message for children - 01

DVD Video

Children love cartoons and get hooked on to them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there are cartoons that positively transform the way they think, speak and act along with entertaining them? That is where Uncle Lion comes in.

Uncle Lion has a way with kids. He knows how to teach them human values via little stories, anecdotes and narratives which will keep the little ones glued. From good manners to good habits, good thoughts to good deeds and good intentions to good character, Uncle Lion inspires the children to imbibe and practice these in their lives. Here is the first volume of his tales which consists of 30 short cartoons with morals.

Sai Blossom gratefully acknowledges the tremendous efforts and resources put in by Saller Sport Germany (http://www.sport-saller.de) in the creation of this multimedia DVD.


Duration: 42 minutes

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