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Swami & Me - Conversation with Sai Students
Audio CD

Language : English
Genre : Talk/Experience

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba created His first educational establishment in 1968 with the Womens College in Anantapur. This was shortly followed by campuses for men in Bangalore, Prasanthi Nilayam and also primary and higher secondary schools. The setting up of these institutions came to be a significant event in the Avataric life of Bhgawan Baba, for as he Himself said, He began to spend nearly 70 percent of His time with and for 'His students'. Swami would be a Friend in frolic, a Mother in compassion, but at the same time a Sadguru who treated them as seekers. And even as He did this for generations of students He would say that His motto even in spending time with His students was Loka Kalyanam - the welfare of all. That is what makes the insights and learnings that one can obtain from these student's experiences invaluable and universal. His message and love was not meant only for that particular boy or girl in the scene, but for every spiritual aspirant who would come to hear or read about it.

Presented in this CD are interviews with 10 alumni of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions, in which they share indelible experiences with their dear Swami. The listener is assured of more than 10 hours of delightful listening.


Duration: 11 Hours

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1. Dr. Deepak Anand
2. Mrs. Padmashree Radhaswamy
3. Mr. Bishu Prusty
4. Mrs. Karuna Sarup-Munshi
5. Dr. Sonam Gyamtso
6. Mr. Bharat Dutt
7. Mrs. Malini Gadepally
8. Mr. Vinod Cartic
9. Mrs. Gayathri Gupta



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