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Sundara Kaand
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Language : Avadhi (Old Hindi) with English Translation
Genre : Devotional

Melodious and mellifluous rendering of the Sundara Kaand of the Rama Charita Manas, with translation in English. Tulsidas was born in 1532 in a Brahmin family in Rajpur, a small town near Varanasi in what is presently Uttar Pradesh. Married to Ratnavali, Tulsidas was immensely attached to her.

Ratnavali chided him for excessive attachment saying, “What you have for me is only infatuation and attachment. Develop for Lord Rama a fraction of the love you have for me, and it will lead you to Liberation!” Stung by this, Tulsidas abandoned his home, became an ascetic forthwith, and went on a pilgrimage that lasted fourteen years. Later, guided by Hanuman, Tulsidas wrote the Ramayana, giving it the title: SHRI RAMA CHARITA MANAS.

The Ramayana, which is the spiritual sheet anchor for millions, is a narration of the story of the Lord, incarnating as Lord Sri Rama and setting the example of the perfect man, demonstrating in the process how one should conduct oneself under different circumstances and relate to various people, including an adversary. It has six parts or Kaandas. Among these, the Sundara Kaanda is the eternal favourite for devotees, because it describes how one must truly love the Lord, and be prepared to do anything for Him. It is not only a magnificent celebration of true and loyal devotion but also how the Lord shows His recognition of true Divine Love.

Duration: 4 hours

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