Streams of Bliss  

Streams of Bliss
Audio CD

Language : Telugu/Hindi/Sanskrit/English/Marathi
Genre : Devotional/Chants

Thoughts of the Lord can purify the mind. When those thoughts are framed in words, they can be shared and passed on. But when those thoughts are weaved into the tapestry of melody, they transcend the boundaries of language and understanding. They create in the heart a warmth and fervour that is universal. No wonder we have resorted to music to express the inexpressible, for ages.

On the occasion of Bhagawan's 90th Birthday, we offer at his Feet a small collection of such melodies, which we are inspired to call, 'Streams of Love.' They are in defferent Languages, could be catagorized under different genres or styles; but they stand unified in the feelings that inspired them. And the love for the Lord in your heart is sure to resonate with the love captured in these songs.

Duration: 55 mins.

No Of Bhajans : 9

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Sample Audio



1. Jai Ganaraya Sri Ganaraya
2. Guru Meri Pooja
3. Jo Tum Todo Piya
4. Sai Maa Pyari Maa
5. Apastambha Sutramu
6. In The Silent Night
7. Ram Bhajan Kar Man
8. Maze Maher Pandhari
9. Sai Ke Darbar Mein





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