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Sathya To Sai

A Sai Katha on Swami's Childhood

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The message every Avatar brings is essentially the same. Truth after all is not defined by time and space. Yet when an Avatar manifests, He infuses fresh life into that message through His unique persona, simple deeds and of course His words. That is, He reinvigorates the message with His own life. That's precisely the reason why Bhagawatam or listening to the stories from the life of an Avatar is special; it inspires devotion and also presents the message of the Lord. This serial, Sathya to Sai, is a humble attempt to look keenly at one small piece from that immence edifice of Baba's Avataric life. This piece, is arguable the most significant one too; for it covers the period from His birth to the day He declared the truth about His divine personality. This 12-episode 'Sai Katha' presents some widely known anecdotes from Bhagawan's life that are worth hearing again and again, and a few little known incidents and details that are equally rich in import. Presented by Team Radiosai's Prem and Aravind, it will help you relive those golden days, via rare photographs, sketches, recreated images and clips from Bhagawan's own discourses.

Duration: 317 minutes

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