The Advent  

Ramanavami Discourse
Video DVD

Language : English & Hindi
Genre : Discourse

" Through legends and lullabies, myths and melodies, dance and drama, sculpture and painting,  Lord Rama and the epic Ramayana hava become the Breath, the Bliss and the Treasure of countless Seekers.  Sathya Sai, who  is the Author, Director, Actor, Witness and Appraiser of the Drama that is ever unfolding in Time and Space has now deigned to tell us Himself the story of Rama. 

In the Summer of 2003, the Ramanavami day saw the nectarine divine showers drench everyone and quench everyone's thirst for the Lord as Swami narrated one significant part of the Ramayana. Available with translations in English and Hindi, and mastered digitally at Radiosai, this DVD relives a beautiful divine discourse.  "

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