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Guru Mahima ( Convocation Drama 2011)
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When Swami was once asked as to what was the best relationship that anyone could have with Him, He replied," That of a Guru (Master) and a Shishya (Disciple)." While every relationship in the world carries some obligation, the one between a Master and the disciple is pure and unconditional. 
This drama depicts that beautiful relationship between a Guru and his disciple in all its multifarious hues and dimensions. The climax comes when the Master lets go of his mortal frame. How the disciples cope and overcome that challenge is something that has to be seen to derive inspiration from. Portrayed by the students of the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning on the occasion of the first-ever convocation held in the physical absence of Bhagawan, the story carries a powerful and profound message for all humanity.


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