The Advent  

Bhakta Potana
Video DVD

Language : English

Genre : Spiritual

A powerful drama in English which portrays with great clarity the message that above all, it is God’s work and His grace which alone truly matters in this world. This was presented in front of Bhagavan Baba by the students of Sri Sathya Sai University on January 13, 2009. Bhagavan Baba says that mankind's priorities today ought to be: 1) Daiva Preeti (Love for God), and 2) Paapa Bheethi (fear of sin). Only when these are present would there be Sanga Neethi (Morality in Society). By way of reinforcing this message, students of the Sri Sathya Sai University staged this drama portraying the life of Bammera Potana (1450-1510), who remained steadfast in his devotion to the Lord, though tempted with wealth and court honours.

Like all products of Sai Blossom, this too is carefully edited and digitally mastered for an elevating experience.

Duration: 60 minutes

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