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Bhajan Tutor Vol - 1
Mp3 CD

Language : Hindi/Sanskrit
Genre : Devotional/Chants

Learn the lyrics, tune and meaning of your favourite Sai bhajans

The saga of Sai Bhajans began when the fourteen year old Sathya on October 20 1940, moved away from home, went to a garden, sat on a rock and sang Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam "O mind! Focus on the feet of the Guru, that alone will help you tide over the temporary joys and sorrows of this oceanic worldly existence."

Baba not only told us to focus on the Eternal but also gave us a beautiful medium to do it - Sai bhajans. For decades He Himself sang, composed, taught and led bhajans. Today Sai Bhajans is a movement - it's an integral part of any Sai activity, life breath of millions of Sai devotees, and one of the easiest ways to feel His presence.

The More we know about this medium and the greater we fine tune this channel, the quicker is our connect with the Absolute. To aid us in this sacred endeavour is the purpose of this product.

This MP3 CD offers you comprehensive understanding of eight popular Sai bhajans with detailed elaboration of their lyrics, meaning, tune, raga, swaras, and tala. So learn, enjoy, sing and be blissful!

Duration: 2 hours 50 mins.

No Of Bhajans : 8

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Sample Audio



1. Pashupati Tanaya Bala Gajanana
2. Omkara Roopini Janani Ma
3. Guruvayurpura Shri Hari Krishna
4. Shankara Sadashiva Sabhapate Manohara
5. Eshwar Allah Tere Nam Sai Tere Nam
6. Deena Bandhu Vitthala Jai
7. Aravinda Lochana Arta Janavana
8. Bhajamana Sita Ram





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