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Bhajan Medley Vol - 1
Audio CD

Language : Hindi/Sanskrit
Genre : Devotional/Chants

Bhajans, Baba says, is the simplest and surest way to cleanse ourselves and connect with the Divine.

The spectacular demonstration of this was when Bhagawan Himself led the singing; the energy and vibrancy, the power and intensity was so potently electrifying that it just seamlessly set your soul free.

It was as if you were being lifted high by a crescendo of devotional ecstasy. That is what bhajans should do us - simply elevate us to such an extent that everything around us just obliterates into oblivion and we feel that Union with The One.

This product is an endeavour to help us experience that heightened bliss that only bhajans can bestow on us. In a slight departure from the conventional way of Sai Bhajan singing, here you have a wave of singing that knows no stopping and is increasingly accelerating in rhythm and melody to fill us with an experience that is lovely and liberating.

There are four such 'cascades of Sai bhajans' in this product.

1. Sai Bhajan Medley is a potpourri of Sai bhajans of every genre and flavour, rhythm and raga, adoring different facades of the divine.

2. Krishna Bhajans Medley is a series of those bhajans which adore Bhagavan as Sai Krishna.

3. Eswaramba Bhajans medley focusses on those melodies that glorify the lord as the son of Mother Eswaramba.

4. Sathya Sai Saga Medley is a special one where the salient milestones in the Sai Avatar are presented through carefully selected Sai Bhajans.

Let the bliss of Sai Bhajans overpower everything else in our lives and shape us into beautiful receptacles of His love.

Duration: 78 mins.

No Of Bhajans : 4

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1. Sai Bhajan Medley
2. Krishna Bhajans Medley
3. Eswaramba Bhajans medley
4. Sathya Sai Saga Medley





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