The Golden Jubilee Documentary in russian lanuguage  

The Golden Jubilee - Documentary
Video DVD

Language : Russian
Genre : Documentary

A Golden Jubilee is always a landmark event. But when associated with the Avatar of the Age, it becomes historic and monumental. The 50th Birthday celebrations of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was an enchanting 10-day festival starting with the All-India Seva Dal conference and culminating with the grand 'swing-festival' or Jhoola Utsav. Packed in between were two more conferences, a holy fire-sacrifice - the Purushottama Yajna, the debut of the chariot festival - the Rathotsavam, the inaugurations of a grand entrance for Prasanthi Nilayam - the Gopuram and of the global symbol of the unity of religions - the pillar called the Sarva Dharma Aikya Stoopa.

Of course, the highlight was the unforgettable darshan that Swami granted from ahelicopter. The eight discourses which Swami delivered during this festival are epochal in their content and have never been released into public domain before. All these discourses have been offered as a bonus CD to facilitate the listener's thrill and enthralment as Swami outlines the Truth about Himself, the purpose of the Sathya Sai Organisations and the way ahead for humanity.

Catch all the highlights of Baba's Golden Jubilee birthday celebrations in this rare documentary which is definitely a precious slice of HIStory garnered from the film footage by Richard Bock, Dr.Fanibunda and many other videographers of yore.

Duration: 108 minutes

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